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Debut season Character TDI TDA TDWT TDRI TDAS/PI TDPRR
Total Drama Island Beth Main Main Recurring Guest
Bridgette Main Main Main Guest
Cody Anderson Main Recurring Main Guest
Courtney Main Main Main Guest Main
DJ Main Main Main Guest
Duncan Main Main Main Guest Main
Eva Main Recurring Recurring Guest
Ezekiel Main Recurring Main Recurring Guest
Geoff Main Main Recurring Guest Main
Gwen Main Main Main Guest Main
Harold McGrady Main Main Main Guest
Heather Main Main Main Guest Main
Izzy Main Main Main Guest Guest
Justin Main Main Recurring Guest
Katie Main Recurring Recurring Guest
Leshawna Main Main Main Guest
Lindsay Main Main Main Guest Main
Noah Main Recurring Main Guest Main
Owen Main Main Main Guest Guest Main
Sadie Main Recurring Recurring Guest
Trent Main Main Recurring Guest
Tyler Main Recurring Main Guest


The first season, Total Drama Island, featured twenty-two contestants competing on an island for the chance at $100,000. The season premiered in July 2007 and ran until January 2008, with a special airing in November 2008.

The second season, titled Total Drama Action, featured fifteen contestants returning to an abandoned film lot to compete in movie themed challenges for the chance at a million dollars. It ran from January to December 2009, with a special airing in June 2010.

The third season, titled Total Drama World Tour, featured fifteen contestants returning, alongside three new contestants, to compete in challenges around the world. It began airing in June 2010 and concluded in April 2011.

A fourth season, titled Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, featured thirteen new contestants competing back at the original island, which is now radioactive. It began airing in June 2012 and concluded in April of the same year.

The fifth season was split into two segments. The first segment, titled Total Drama All-Stars, featured fourteen returning contestants to the now decontaminated island to compete for another million dollars. The second segment, titled Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, featured fourteen new contestants at a brand-new island competing once again for another million. It aired from January to November 2014.


A spin-off, titled Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race, featured eighteen teams of two racing around the world, with a prize of one million dollars. It began airing in January 2016 and concluded in February of the same year.
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